What is Sofina? Sofina was the nickname we had for our family puppy, Sophie. When she was 7 months old, we were told she was going to die within 6 months. She had kidney dysplasia, which is a rare genetic defect with no cure. She was a fighter and she had a huge spirit and she passed away two days before her second birthday, in February 2013. She was with us only a short time but made a huge impact on our lives. So, in honor of her sweet little puppy spirit, the name Sofina Fine Art Portraiture emerged. Our family is so lucky to have portraits of her throughout her short life and when we look at her main portrait on our wall, we remember her and we smile.

Born in Vietnam and raised in France, I moved to the United States from France in June of 1986. I started photography in 1978 with my first Nikkormat 35mm camera. I started developing my own film in the darkroom in 1979 (I was 8). My parents were huge influences on me, especially my Dad since he was an avid photographer as well. I grew up with music, art, and fashion so those are still today things that I find fascinating and are still have a huge impact on my life today. I have traveled the world, I have been on all 7 continents and have seen things that most people can only imagine and I have enjoyed every moment of it. I studied both Photography and Fine Arts in college and when I was done, I went back again and earned my degree in Mechanical Engineering too. Ha ha. Yes, I am a little messed up.

One of the biggest honors, of my photography life, was to have the cover of Professional Photographer Magazine with one of my senior portraits and to have a six page spread/article on my senior images. I am a WPPI Master and a PPA Master Craftsman. 

I look forward to creating a great portrait for you.